Do your Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller (TC) - Refresher Training at Traffic Management Academy by enrolling to the first ONLINE workshop approved by NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

This Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller (TC) – Refresher workshop covers the standards and operating procedures required by the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM). This online workshop promotes safe working practices, standards and operating procedures at roadwork sites and is required to be held by anyone who carries out work or activities that affect the normal operating conditions of the road reserve (i.e. road, footpath, berm).

Candidates who have held a Level 1 Basic TC qualification that is about to expire, or has not expired for more than 12-months, can now renew their qualification ONLINE or attend a one-day refresher workshop to refresh their qualification. Following successful completion of this online or classroom workshop, a student will obtain their Level 1 Basic TC qualification for 3 years (from the date of the workshop completion).

This online workshop is facilitated using a purpose built e-learning platform.  There are useful videos that will assist each student to complete this workshop by watching the “How to” videos in this workshop.  Our expert team of trainers and IT support will be available for any support or assistance during this online workshop.  

Students must complete all theory tests and achieve at least 60% in all assessments to complete the online or classroom workshop.

This workshop is the pre-requisite for entry requirement for people wanting further training to Level 1 Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) standard of the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management.

This qualification allows the holder to

  • Assist an STMS in setting up, monitoring and removing roadwork sites in accordance with approved Traffic Management Plans.
  • Develop a consistent approach to traffic control.
  • Understand the requirements for signage & equipment selection and placement.

Cost includes

  • Course online enrolment fee
  • NZTA Registration fee

Pricing: $215.00 Incl GST

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): Level 1 Basic TC – Refresher ONLINE

Can I undertake this online workshop instead of going to a classroom workshop?
YES - The Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller Online Refresher will renew your existing Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller qualification (as long as it is not expired for longer than 12 months). Previously, a qualified Traffic Controller had to undertake a refresher classroom workshop every 3-years to renew their qualification, now this 3-yearly refresher can be undertaken online
How long does the course take?
The course is split into 8 sections (A1, A2, B, C1, C2, D & E). The sections follow the structure of the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM). Each section takes approximately 40 minutes to complete – meaning the course is approximately 6-hours of training time. You do not need to undertake the course all at once, and if you start a section or a test, you can come back to at any time. The 6 hours of training must be completed at your pace within a 3-week period (once successfully enrolled). 
How do I pass the course?
There may be a test at the end of each section for which you must achieve at least 60% or more to pass. The tests will only confirm the information outlined in each section; and each test is an open book test with no restricted time limit. You may refer back to any of the material during these tests at any time.
What support can I get while I am doing the course?
There are a range of ‘how-to’ videos within the course to help you.  At certain times there are also TM Academy Trainers available for further assistance through the TM Academy 0800 number or you could email us directly at
Can I use any computer?
The training portal is fully functional with almost all web browsers, computers and tablets. You can undertake the workshop on any device that has a continuous Internet connection and a web browser. You can access the CoPTTM directly within the training portal, however we recommend having Adobe Reader ( installed so you can utilise the downloadable CoPTTM from the NZTA website ( You do not have to use the same computer for the whole course, you can change devices at any time, and your activity within the training portal is saved immediately as soon as you do it – meaning you can never lose where you are up to.
Do I get my test results straight away?
Some of your test answers will be marked immediately and you will receive the results as soon as submitted. You can then review your answers. Some of the test questions however will be submitted to a Trainer for grading and you will not see the results immediately (in the system you will see ‘awaiting grading’ for those questions). You will receive an email about those Trainer-graded questions, once they have been marked.
What if I disagree with my results?
We are constantly evolving the training system and making sure the results are accurate. If you wish to discuss any of your test results, or your overall result, you can contact our Trainers to request a further review. If that review is not to your satisfaction, you may contact the NZTA's National office for a secondary review. Details of this NZTA review procedure is contained within the training portal.
What if I am unsuccessful in the course?
You will receive a phone call from a trainer to discuss your results. Following this Trainer discussion, you may be asked to attend a Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller classroom workshop to renew your qualification.
What if I get stuck half way through the course?
We have numerous systems available for you. Contact us on 0800 862 000 or email for direct access to Technical or qualified Trainer support.
What happens if I lose my Internet connection or power during the course?
Your progress is saved real-time while you do the course, meaning you cannot lose your work, even if you are half way through a test. Given there is no time limit for the tests, you can simply login on another computer or after you have resolved the issue and continue where you left off.
Where do I find the answers to the test questions?
The primary reference document for the tests is the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM). CoPTTM is accessible inside the training portal, or can be downloaded from the NZTA website. There are instructions and a ‘how-to’ video on how to use CoPTTM inside the training portal. All sections of the course have presentations within them covering all the key CoPTTM changes.  These presentations are also very useful in understanding the answers to the various test questions.
Once I finish all the tests - what happens next?
Once you have completed all tests, the Trainer/s will review all your results.  If successful your results will be submitted to NZTA to issue you with your official NZTA renewal qualification (NZTA Wallet ID Card and Certificate).  The receipt of the ‘confirmation’ email may be used as proof of your qualification with some other form of photo identification whilst awaiting your renewed NZTA card, which can take 6-8 weeks to reach you.